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Tip & Tee: Badlands Cedar Pass Lodge

The Badlands of South Dakota was originally established as a National Monument in 1939. It wasn’t until 1978 that it was finally designated a National Park.

Badlands National Park formations

The Badlands has an open hike policy. This policy is unique in national parks. It allows visitors to go off trail to better enjoy the incredible geologic features as well as search for fossils!

Badlands  National Park Formations

Badlands Cedar Pass Lodge Trip Tip

To make the most of your Badlands visit, I recommend staying in the middle of the action.  The Badlands Cedar Pass Lodge is inside the park and offers new cabins built by local craftsman. These comfy cabins are a great base for exploring this incredible landscape!

Badlands Cedar Pass LodgeBadlands Cedar Pass Lodge-6 tripBadlands Cedar Pass Lodge-8 trip

The Badlands Cedar Pass Lodge cabins are conveniently located behind the Cedar Pass restaurant and store.  They include a small porch with chairs for lounging as well as a picnic table for enjoying a meal overlooking the Badlands.

Badlands Cedar Pass LodgeBadlands Cedar Pass Lodge-4 trip

Staying inside the park offers easy access to some of the park’s ranger programs as well as the opportunity to observe the wildlife and geological formations throughout the day. We enjoyed the rugged beauty of the Badlands right outside our back door from sunrise to sunset!

Badlands Cedar Pass Lodge Picnic Table

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