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Be Authentic. Be Personal.

Attracting More Guests to Your Vacation Rental

This is me. Heather. When I’m relaxing, I love to wear crew socks. (Very stylish, I know!) I must have water, tea, or coffee with me at all times. (Tea is my favorite.) And, I wore a life jacket on a house boat.  (I’m a rule follower.)  Why am I telling you this?

Being authentic and personal is on trend particularly with millennial audiences.  But, it isn’t just limited to millennials.  Why?  That old saying people do business with who they know and who they trust still holds true in the digital world. Knowing someone just looks different today.

The owner’s info or about section in your vacation listing is an opportunity for your guests to relate to you which helps them feel more comfortable.  I always look at this section when considering a property.  I want to rent from a real person (with a picture), so I avoid listings that look too sterile.

Likely, the reason you bought a vacation rental was more about your love for the destination and less about making money.  Consider things that make that place enjoyable: the smell of the mountain air; the sound of the foghorns near the sea; the sound of the elks bugling…  Make a list of these experiences and how they make you feel. Have you communicated that in your listing?

Of course, all those facts about your property are important.  But guess what?  Emotions tend to push people to make a purchase decision much faster than logic.  So, make it easy for potential guests to feel comfortable renting from you and picture themselves at your property.  Be authentic.  Be personal.

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