Yellowstone National Park bison

Spotting Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

The buffalo (a.k.a. bison) is an amazing animal.  Yellowstone National Park is a fantastic place to view these majestic creatures which are often considered a historical symbol of America.  Yellowstone is home to approximately 5000 bison and the largest continuous herd of buffalo on public lands. yellowstone-buffalo1-4-trip

buffalo herd
Yellowstone provides the opportunity to see so many of these animals in one place!

Because these bison are accustomed to park traffic (but not tame), you can often get a good look at the buffalo herd from your car.  To help prevent unwanted human-buffalo interactions, you may see Yellowstone Park rangers cautioning visitors to stay back.  These animals are fast and can be aggressive, so keep your distance and use a zoom lens to take your photos.  yellowstone-buffalo1-7-trip

A baby buffalo
A baby buffalo passes right by the car!

Bison can often be seen in the Hayden and Lamar Valleys year round.  But, put on your patient hat because these herds might just stop traffic… which is actually a real treat!  It can also be a little unnerving to have these massive animals so close to your car!  One large fellow actually licked our rental car!  I’m not quite sure if it was a friendly or not friendly lick.

Yellowstone National Park is hugely popular for a reason.  There are so many different things to see and do in the park.  The Yellowstone buffalo herd is just one of those things that make Yellowstone extra special!

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