Colorado Springs Day Trip: The Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is located about 60 miles from Colorado Springs and makes a nice day trip if you are using Colorado Springs as a hub.  It is located near a town called Canon City.  Originally constructed in 1929, the Royal Gorge Bridge is  one of the highest suspension bridges in the world!  The gorge itself is one of the deepest canyons in Colorado and is very narrow which adds to its uniqueness.  The bridge affords the opportunity for a great view of the Arkansas River which runs far below.

The Royal Gorge Bridge Centerroyal-gorge-1-3-trip

General admission tickets include a ride on the gondolas across the gorge.  The ride offers a great view of the river.  If you’re like me and get the heebie-jeebies in confined spaces with no possibility of escape, don’t fret too much.  The ride is relatively short and isn’t scary.  The gondola ride is a great way to enjoy sweeping views of the gorge.

The view of the Royal Gorgeroyal-gorge-1-12-tripsroyal-gorge-1-7-triproyal-gorge-1-6-trip

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park has more to offer than just walking across a bridge.  In addition to the gondola ride, there are several other activities.  While some attractions offer a thrill, many activities are geared towards families with children including a really nice playground which was a big hit with my kiddo. We spent about a half day here enjoying what the park had to offer.

Colorado Flag on the Royal Gorge Bridge
State flags line the bridge

We rode the gondola first and then walked back across the bridge.  Along the rails of the bridge are the state flags which is a fun touch and makes for a shareable photo for your friends back home.  There is no rush to cross the bridge.  You can take your time and enjoy taking in the view and snapping pictures along the way.royal-gorge-1-2-tripsroyal-gorge-1-11-tripsIn addition to the gorge and river below, the area itself is quite scenic.  I was quite surprised to see big horn sheep grazing in the park!  And, the mountains in the distance are a nice backdrop to the canyon.

If you are visiting the Colorado Springs area, I highly recommend adding the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park to your itinerary.  It is well worth the time and there are other things to see and do in the area such riding on the Royal Gorge Railway or going on a river rafting adventure.  Whether you’re traveling with children, seeking thrill attractions, or looking for a leisurely stroll with scenic vistas, you can find something to suit your fancy at the Royal Gorge.

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