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Tip & Tee: Badlands Park Night Sky

ionsBadlands National Park is located in central South Dakota and is a must for any South Dakota vacation itinerary. The landscape in Badlands park is unique and offers a significant contrast to what you’ll see in South Dakota’s Black Hills to the west.

Badlands Park Geologic Formations

We discovered on our recent trip that Badlands National Park offers fun for the whole family. There is no shortage of activities in the Badlands. Hiking, fossil hunting, and wildlife watching are just a few of the many opportunities for adventure. So, I suggest spending more than just one day in Badlands park.

Badlands Park Night Sky Trip Tip

With so much to do in Badlands park, it would be easy to miss the ranger programs. I recommend that you make time to take advantage of these programs. They are typically available during the summer travel season, so check out the schedule for the time of your visit. As with most national parks, these programs are free and lots of fun!

Badlands Park Evening Program
Badlands Park Evening Program

On our first summer visit, we participated in the Badlands Night Sky program. This program was held at the Cedar Pass Campground Amphitheater (north end of the campground) after an evening ranger talk.

The park provided telescopes, and a park ranger pointed out stars and constellations. We had the opportunity to use 3 telescopes and see Vega, the Moon, and Saturn.  

Viewing the Moon Through Telescope
Viewing the Moon

On our most recent trip to the Badlands, we participated in this program again. While telescopes were not available on our return trip due to COVID19 precautions, we still enjoyed the program! The ranger pointed out the space station as it passed overhead. 

Screen in amphitheater

We’ve participated in this night sky program on two different trips and loved it both times. It is a relaxing way to end a fun-filled day in the Badlands!

If you want a more detailed Badlands National Park than the one the park provides, check out this National Geographic map that we used.

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