Kakabeka Falls in Ontario

The North Shore of Lake Superior is littered with waterfalls. There are so many great parks and hikes in this area that it’s not possible to see them all in one trip. So, how to choose which ones to visit? Our stop at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park in Ontario was just an afterthought. We were in for a surprise.

Kakabeka Falls: How to Get There

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park is located in Ontario, Canada. This little corner of the world has an exciting past. The 40 meter (131 foot) waterfall was a formidable obstacle on the water route on the Kaministiquia River from Lake Superior to the Lake of the Woods used by explorers and fur traders.

What to Expect

The facilities at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park are excellent. You’ll find picnic facilities along with a visitor center with restrooms and a gift shop. There is a small fee at Kakabeka Falls, $5 at the time of our visit.

Kakabeka Falls Visitor Center

Boardwalks and overlooks allow visitors to view the falls from different angles. You’ll want to explore both the east and west sides of the falls to fully appreciate the immense size.

While you’re viewing the falls, keep an eye out for wildlife. We were fortunate enough to see a bald eagle soaring around the falls.

Bald Eagle Soaring at Kakabeka Falls in Ontario

If you wonder how the fur traders went around the falls, you can retrace their steps. The Mountain Portage Trail is 1.25 km (3/4 of a mile) in length and is wheelchair accessible. This trail follows part of the route the fur traders used to portage around the falls.

Sign for Mountain Portage Trail

Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, I highly recommend a stop at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park in Ontario. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy spectacular scenery and consider the challenges faced by early explorers. For us, this afterthought turned out to be a highlight of our North Shore adventure.

Kakabeka Falls in Ontario

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