Independence Hall Tour

Independence Hall in Philadelphia is where America was born. The founding fathers signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution within these walls. The only way to enter this historic building is on a guided Independence Hall tour.

Sign that says Independence Hall The State House of Pennsylvania the Birthplace of the United States of America

Independence Hall in Philadelphia was initially built to serve as Pennsylvania State House. However, the Pennslyvania legislature loaned its Assembly room to the 2nd Continental Congress.

Independence Hall Tour: The bell tower of Independence Hall

Independence Hall Tour

Independence Hall is part of Independence National Historical Park. Tickets are typically required for Independence Hall Tours. Check with the National Park Service for dates, times, and reservations.

Outside view of Independence Hall

We entered the hall from the door facing Independence Square into a large hallway.

Independence Hall Tour: Interior hall with columns and ornamental molding.

After entering Independence Hall, we stepped left into the courtroom. Here we discussed problems in the courts before the revolution.

Independence Hall Tour: A courtroom

The colonists resented the British king and parliament for taking away their rights, including trial by jury. They wanted the courts to be free from the influence of the British.

A courtroom in Independence Hall

Then, we crossed the hall into the Assembly Room. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed in this room.

The Assembly Room in Independence Hall

Extensive research has been conducted to configure the Assembly Room in the way it may have looked in the 1700s.

Chairs around tables with green table cloths in the Assembly Room in Independence Hall

Only one piece of furniture is original, the Rising Sun Chair, initially called the Speakers chair. George Washington sat in that chair. WOW! (And no, you can’t sit in it.)

The Rising Sun Chair behind a table with a green tablecloth.
The Rising Sun Chair – George Washington Sat Here

The men who sat in this room and signed the Declaration of Independence risked their lives to form a new government. It’s incredible that this space still exists, and we stand there too. Independence Hall is truly an extraordinary place to visit.

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