NYC Eats: Russ & Daughters

When I think of NYC, two foods that come to mind are pizza and bagels with lox. A fantastic place to get the latter is Russ & Daughters.

Green sign that says Russ & Daugters Appetizers with neon fish on either side.
179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

It all started in 1904 when a Jewish immigrant from Poland began selling herring from a cart in the Lower East Side. Over 100 years later, Russ & Daughters continues serving New Yorkers and visitors with delicious fare.

Containers of various types of cream cheese at Russ & Daughters

This legendary New York City eatery has 2 locations in Manhattan. One is a cafe with dine-in on Orchid Street. The other is the storefront at 179 Houston St, which opened in 1920.

Bagel with lox, tomatos, cream cheese, red onions from Russ & Daughters.

We visited the Russ & Daughters location on Houston street. It is takeout only.

Close up view of several smoked scottish salmon  filets from Russ & Daughters.

If there is a line, you need a number to order from the deli counter, including bagels and lox. So step inside and take a paper number.

A white ticket that has the number 594 being held in a hand.

The deli counter is to the left when you walk in the door.

Deli Counter with worker behind the counter and products stacked ont he shelves with black and white photos stacked on top of the shelves

To the right is another counter where you can get sweet treats or coffee. These counters are separate, so we enjoyed coffee while waiting to order our bagels.

A clock and a number display showing number 587

Standing outside by the window offers a great view of the action inside.

View of the window of Russ & Daughters which says celebrating 107 years

It must take lots of practice to slice the smoked fish so perfectly.

A cutter slicing  fish by the deli counter

Russ & Daughters has various types of salmon and many choices of sandwiches.

Paper menu in a clear plastic holder that has a menu of sandwiches from Russ & Daughters.

Other options are also available.

Deli counter at Russ & Daughters with smoked fish and olives

We went to Russ & Daughters on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend and waited about 40 minutes.

Line of people outside of Russ & Daughters

We devoured our tasty breakfast on a nearby bench and watched NYC pass by.

A bench across the street from Russ & Daughters

If you want a delicious and classic New York bagel and lox, visit Russ & Daughters. This place is definitely worth the wait! And it’s the perfect way to begin a day exploring the Lower East Side.

Everything bagel iwth cream cheese wrapped in plastic

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