Three Fish at Discovery Cove
Tip & Tee

Tip & Tee: Discovery Cove

Travel tees make the BEST souvenirs! In Tip & Tee, I show off an awesome tee I picked up on my trip and share a trip tip for that destination Discovery Cove in Orlando is an oasis located in the midst of this theme park capital. This day resort limits the number of guests, so it… Continue reading Tip & Tee: Discovery Cove

Dolphin Lagoon, Beach Chairs, and Sandy Beach in Discovery Cove

Is Discovery Cove Worth It?

Discovery Cove is a a day resort in Orlando, Florida. Oddly enough, this is one of the highest rated attractions in Orlando. Considering the competition, that's saying something! But, is Discovery Cove worth it? When I first heard about Discovery Cove, I thought it sounded awesome. But, after checking out the price? Nevermind. Later, I… Continue reading Is Discovery Cove Worth It?