Indiana Dunes Century of Progress Homes

The Indiana Dunes Century of Progress Homes are a blast from the past. The 1933 World's Fair was held in Chicago with the theme Century of Progress. An exhibit envisioned homes of the future. These houses included modern design and technological advances like air conditioning and dishwashers. In 1935, a real estate developer moved the… Continue reading Indiana Dunes Century of Progress Homes


Indiana Dunes Beaches

Indiana Dunes National Park and Indiana Dunes State Park stretch 15 miles along the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Not surprisingly, the Indiana Dunes beaches are an excellent place to enjoy some fun in the sun. There are nine beaches at Indiana Dunes. So you have several options when selecting the perfect spot to park… Continue reading Indiana Dunes Beaches


5 Things to Do at Indiana Dunes Besides Relaxing on the Beach

Indiana Dunes National Park is an interesting place. Here, the struggle between industry and conservation is evident. Look right and left, and you'll see something you typically don't see at a national park. Cooling Tower at a Coal Plant In 1966, the protectionists won. This 15 mile stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline was designated a… Continue reading 5 Things to Do at Indiana Dunes Besides Relaxing on the Beach

New River

4 National Parks East of the Mississippi

In our quest to visit America's National Parks, we decided to take a road trip to visit 4 National Parks east of the Mississippi River: Indiana Dunes National Park; Cuyahoga Valley National Park; Shenandoah National Park; and New River Gorge National Park. This road trip was action-packed. We also squeezed in a few hours on… Continue reading 4 National Parks East of the Mississippi

Rock formations and a blue sky

Badlands Fossil Hunting

One of the things we like best about Badlands National Park in South Dakota is that visitors aren't restricted to the trails. You can basically roam anywhere. And, while you're exploring, be sure to keep an eye out for fossils. Badlands Fossil Hunting Many types of fossils can be found in Badlands National Park. Previous… Continue reading Badlands Fossil Hunting

St Louis Skyline

Weekend in St. Louis

This year for Memorial Day, we decided to spend the long weekend in St. Louis. Our main goal was to visit the Gateway Arch National Park. My husband and I had seen it many years ago but long before it became a National Park. So, we decided it was time for another visit. As I was… Continue reading Weekend in St. Louis