First blog post

My name is Heather.  When I was in college I decided that when I graduated into Adultland, I wanted to go places.  Not to live…just to visit.  I didn’t have a specific place in mind or have a burning desire to see the world’s most exotic destinations, but I just knew I would try go somewhere.

With an undergraduate degree is in finance and economics, an MBA, and a Certified Business Advisor designation, I’ve spent the last 20 years in entrepreneurial development, small business consulting and market research.  In the course of my work, I’ve had the opportunity meet many business owners and research a variety of industries. Collaborating and working with so many different entrepreneurs is amazing!

I’ve been pondering for the last several years on how to combine what I know with my love for travel.  Thus, I decided to start this blog to feature fun trips and tips for other travelers.

While I try to actually be on vacation when I’m on vacation, it is hard to completely separate from my business-consultant-self.  So, when I go places, I often think about things like target customers, marketing ideas, etc.  I just can’t help it!  So, this blog will also include tips for those who own vacation rental properties or for others trying to attract more travelers.

You may be wondering, what’s up with the tees in tripstipsandtees.com?  I have a confession.  I have a slight addiction to travel t-shirts.  One of my favorite things to buy on vacation are t-shirts! Why?  I love to wear them because it reminds me of my trips. Sometimes I wear them in public, but mostly, I wear them around the house.  Just for fun, I plan to post pics of some of the tees I’ve collected over the years.

I plan to have fun with this blog, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Maine Heather

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