The Glen Canyon Dam Tour

I love a good tour! What is even better than a regular tour? Why, a dam tour of course! I absolutely loved the Hoover Dam tour.  So, I was not going to miss the less famous but no less amazing Glen Canyon Dam tour in Page, AZ.

Glen Canyon Dam

Part of the Colorado River Storage Project, Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1963 in Page, AZ and is the 2nd tallest dam in the U.S.  It took 17 years to fill Lake Powell completely for the first time!  The power generated from the dam serves communities in WY, UT, NE, CO, AZ, NM and NV.

Glen Canyon Dam View of Lake Powell

The journey begins at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam where you sign up for the tour led by the Glen Canyon Natural History Association.

Trip Tip:  Most of Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings Time.  Be sure to check the time at the visitor center when you arrive and when booking your tour.  If you are traveling from Utah, you might actually be in a different time zone depending on the time of year. Otherwise, you might be like me and have a panic moment thinking you missed your tour!

Glen Canyon Dam View of Colorado RiverThere is plenty to keep you occupied as you wait for your tour to begin.  You can take in the engaging exhibits showcasing the vast Colorado River System.  There is a large scale model of the river system that helps put things into perspective.  This is great for families!  My kiddo really liked the exhibits.  There is also an amazing view of the dam and Lake Powell from the visitor’s center.

Glen Canyon Dam-3

At the start of the Glen Canyon Dam tour, an elevator in the visitor center takes you to the top of the dam.  Unfortunately, you don’t get to go down inside the dam due to security reasons.  But, you can walk along the top of the dam and learn about its construction and function.  Yes, I find this very exciting!

On the Glen Canyon Dam tour, you will hear all about the history of the dam including how the dam was built along with how the town of Page developed to support construction.  It certainly isn’t every town that can claim such a unique origin!

Glen Canyon Dam Tour

If I had to use 1 word to describe Glen Canyon Dam… MASSIVE!  Standing on top of this enormous structure puts its size into perspective. On top of the dam are several exhibits. Highlights include a concrete dump bucket (left) and one of the original turbines from the dam’s power plant (top right).

Glen Canyon Dam TourGlen Canyon Dam Tour

If you are in the area, be sure to take time to take the Glen Canyon Dam tour.  Even if you don’t love dam tours quite as much as me, you’ll still likely be amazed at the structure, its construction, and the significant impact it has on the surrounding landscape.

Glen Canyon Dam Tour

Updated April 2018

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