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Tip & Tee:  Lake Powell Time

Asking “What time is it?” on Lake Powell isn’t a straightforward question! There are three reasons for this: location, location, location!

Lake Powell time can be a bit confusing.  Lake Powell sits on the border of Utah and Arizona as well as the Navajo Nation.

Lake Powell time can be confusing during Daylight Savings Time.  Utah observes Daylight Savings Time, but Arizona does not. The Navajo Nation, on the other hand, does observe Daylight Savings Time.Lake Powell

Officially, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area follows Arizona time with one exception, Dangling Rope Marina, which follows Utah time.

Trip Tip: Lake Powell Time

Why does the time matter? No one wants to pay late charges on watercraft rentals! I suggest that you bring along an old school watch.  Pay attention to the required return time as well as the time at the rental location. Set your watch accordingly.Lake Powell

Relying on a cell phone or other device connected to cellular service can be risky.  First and foremost, cell service on Lake Powell is really spotty.  Secondly, the time on the device can switch depending on where you are in the lake which can mean being late to return your rental!Lake Powell Houseboat

Unfortunately, we forgot our watch. However, we were able to turn one of our devices on airplane mode at the marina.  We left it on airplane mode throughout the trip, so we were able to keep track of the correct time and avoided those pesky late charges!

Lake Powell Tip & Tee
This Lake Powell tee wasn’t easy to find! I had to go into several stores to find it!

When it comes to shopping on a trip, I am a total tourist! My favorite souvenirs are travel tee shirts! Over the years, I’ve amassed quite a collection. In Tip & Tee, I share some of my treasures and a Trip Tip for that destination!

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