Lake Powell Bathtub Ring
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Fun Fact: Lake Powell Bathtub Ring

Completed in 1966, Glen Canyon Dam was constructed as part of the Colorado River system to aid in the management of this precious resource. After the dam was built, it took 17 years for Glen Canyon to fill completely creating Lake Powell.  Lake Powell and the surrounding area are part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Lake Powell Bathtub Ring Fun Fact

One dramatic feature of Lake Powell is the distinctive line around the lake. This line is affectionately referred to as the Lake Powell bathtub ring.

Lake Powell Bathtub Ring-5 trip

The Lake Powell bathtub ring is a result of the significant drop in the water level.  The lake was considered full in 1980 and since that time the overall water level has decreased.

Lake Powell Bathtub Ring

Minerals deposited by the water created the Lake Powell bathtub ring. When the water level was up, calcium carbonate and other hard minerals in the water adhered to the rock. The line that remains provides a clear picture of the dramatic change in the lake level.

Lake Powell Bathtub Ring

To be clear, I don’t think the drop in water level is positive! However, I find the remaining Lake Powell bathtub ring fascinating. I enjoyed the bleached appearance of the rock. The color contrast is quite striking!

Lake Powell Bathtub Ring

On your next boat trip, be sure to pay extra attention to the Lake Powell bathtub ring! It is just one of many things that make this lake fascinating and such an amazing place to visit!

Lake Powell bathtub ring

If you’re planning to boat on Lake Powell, I highly recommend taking a paper map! Cell signal is limited, so don’t count on using the map on your phone. Here is an affiliate link to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area map we used.

There is so much to see and do around Lake Powell and Page, AZ!  Check out:  Upper or Lower Antelope CanyonYou CAN Tour Antelope CanyonThe Glen Canyon Dam TourHorseshoe Bend, and Toadstools Trail.

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