Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

Horseshoe Bend in Arizona: 5 Things to Know BEFORE You Go

Horseshoe Bend is located near Page, Arizona and is about 3 miles south of town on Hwy 89. This magnificent bend in the Colorado River sits below Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. It is truly a sight to behold!View of the Colorado River from Horseshoe Bend

We visited this area during a spring break vacation to Lake Powell and Page. While I’d done some reading before our trip, here are 5 things I wish I had known beforehand.

  1. It’s Popular: Of all the places we visited in and around Page, AZ, Horseshoe Bend was the most crowded. Why is it so popular? See #2. There is a fairly sizable parking area, but we still had to park out by the highway.
  2. It’s Amazing. I’m sure by now you’ve seen tons of photos of Horseshoe Bend, and of course, this is one of those places where photos don’t do it justice. I think what struck me most was it’s expansiveness. You can take in unobstructed views from several vantage points. It is not just an overlook!
  3. It’s a Hike. I was a bit surprised how much of a hike it was to get to the great views. We went at the end of the day, so perhaps it would have seemed more leisurely if I hadn’t been tired from our day-o-fun. The distance is longer than I expected, and it wasn’t what I would call flat. Don’t get me wrong, the hike isn’t hard… but it certainly isn’t a place you’d want to take a stroller!
  4. Time of Day Makes a Difference. If you want to capture a more iconic image of Horseshoe Bend, you might want to pay attention to the time of day you visit. We visited in the late afternoon. I was not thrilled about where the sun was in relation to the view of the bend, so I wasn’t very happy with the photos.
  5. There is NO Barrier: As I mentioned, it is expansive.  You can walk along for quite a ways looking at the bend from various angles. And, at no point is there any kind of railing or barrier. There are many big drop offs! It have bit of a fear of heights, so I stayed back. However, my kiddo was making me nervous bounding around. If I’d realized what it was going to be like, we’d have had a conversation in the car about sticking close to mom and dad!

    Horseshoe Bend in Arizona
    Don’t get too close to the edge! There is a serious drop off here at Horseshoe Bend!

All in all, Horseshoe Bend is a don’t miss this activity if you are near Page, Arizona. I’d suggest taking in this iconic view in the morning when you are fresh and the sun is in a more favorable position. Whenever you go, be prepared to enjoy sweeping views unlike anywhere else!

Update: There is now a fee to visit Horseshoe Bend. A passenger car is $10. It’s worth it!

There are so many amazing things to do near Page, Arizona!  But, be aware that there lots of spots in and around the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area with no cell signal, particularly on Lake Powell. So, I recommend picking up a paper map. Here is the map we used.

Check out this information when planning your next trip:

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  1. What a coincidence! I have a post on Horseshoe bend scheduled to post in about an hour. When I was looking up specifics on the NPS site, I found a notice that construction on a barrier and some shade areas was scheduled to start in November 2017. I wonder if that actually happened, because I was quite startled by the potential for accidentally walking off a cliff too. Some places in the Grand Canyon were like that too, but I think Horseshoe is more vertical and sheer

      1. I sat down and butt scooted close enough to get the photo I wanted and that was not right at the edge. My little one wanted no part of it. It was my husband making me nervous climbing around the rocks right on the edge.

  2. They are currently building more shade and barrier walls at horse bend look out. You can no longer park on the highway 1/2 mile either side of the entrance.

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