San Diego Zoo Elephants
Fun Fact

Fun Fact: San Diego Zoo Elephants

A trip to the San Diego Zoo isn’t complete without spending some time at the elephant exhibit, Elephant Odyssey. The zoo’s largest residents are just plain fun to watch.  (My favorite part of an elephant is its big round feet!)

San Diego Zoo Elephants Exhibit

On our visit to the San Diego Zoo, we participated in one of their special experiences, the Inside Look Tour. On this tour, we had the opportunity to go behind the scenes in the  San Diego Zoo elephant care area.

San Diego Zoo Elephants Exhibit

Fun Fact: San Diego Zoo Elephants 

We had a great time going behind the scenes and hearing about the San Diego Zoo elephants! Just like humans, these mammals have their own tastes and preferences when it comes to meal time.

San Diego Zoo Elephants Kitchen

These popular pachyderms have their own kitchen. In the San Diego Zoo elephant kitchen, caretakers prepare each elephant’s meal individually! A peek inside the elephant refrigerator reveals specially prepared snacks. Each elephant’s food is stored in a bucket labeled with his/her name.  The buckets are filled with foods suited to their dietary needs and tastes!San Diego Zoo Elephants Food BucketsSan Deigo Zoo Elephants-5 trip

Next time you visit the San Diego Zoo Elephant Odyssey, consider the fact that these animals have favorite foods just like we do.  However, their snacks take up a lot more space in the fridge!

San Diego Zoo Elephants Food Buckets

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