View of Waterton, Alberta from Bears Hump Trail
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Tip & Tee: Nifty Neighbors in Waterton

Waterton Village in Alberta, Canada is a picturesque hamlet nestled in the Rocky Mountains. This quaint village is located on the shores of Waterton Lake within Waterton National Park.  Frequently highlighted as one of Canada’s best small towns, Waterton looks as though it was lifted out of the pages of a book. The streets of this walkable lakeside town are lined with small shops and quirky local restaurants.

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Waterton Trip Tip

While I don’t typically include restaurant reviews, I do recommend that you grab a bite at one or both of these nifty neighbors. Two of Waterton’s restaurants, Wieners of Waterton and and nearby Waffleton offer unique and tasty treats that you’ll not want to miss! The names of these Waterton eateries are descriptive of their menus and both are an excellent choice at anytime of the day! This little corner of Waterton was a daily stop on our trip. Once you try these  culinary gems, you’ll likely find it hard to stay away!

Waterton, Alberta Trip Tee

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