Front of the World of Coca Cola

The World of Coca Cola

The World of Coca Cola is an attraction in downtown Atlanta which pays homage to all things Coca Cola.

Coca Cola Company Beverages From Around the World

My time in Atlanta was very limited, but the World of Coca Cola was a must-see for me. Why? Coke is the only soda I drink!

Large Coca Cola Bottle Opener and Girl

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect here. In a nutshell, it is a big museum that celebrates the history and influence of this delicious drink!

View from Second Floor of World of Coca Cola

Coca Cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. A local doctor/pharmacist named John Pemberton concocted the formula and took it to Jacob’s Pharmacy where it first sold for 5 cents.

Portrait of Frank Robinson and Coca Cola Script
Frank Robinson created the Coca Cola brand script.

Fast forward to today. Now, over a billion servings are consumed everyday! Wow!

The World of Coca Cola traces the steps from Coke’s humble beginnings, and its rise to global brand domination.

Large Coke Bottle

The World of Coca Cola: What to Expect

The World of Coca Cola spans 2 floors and contains various exhibits featuring the Coca Cola brand and product.

Orientation at the World of Coca Cola

A visit to the World of Coca Cola begins with a short orientation and a movie that features Coke as part of everyday lives. This montage will leave you with the warm and fizzies.

The World of Coca Cola Movie

The Vault

The formula for Coca Cola is perhaps one of the worlds most closely guarded trade secrets. And, at the world of Coca Cola, you can see the vault where the actual formula is kept! How COOL is that?!

Coca Cola Secret Formula Vault

The Brand

As with all consumer products, developing a great product is only half the battle. The other half? Marketing. Clearly, Coke achieved monumental success in this area!

Illustration of Coke Bottle Shape Evolution

One early strategy was to put the brand on all kinds of stuff from dishes to toys. The World of Coca Cola showcases many of these historic pieces.

Tray Featuring the Coca Cola Brand

The Blunder

The museum doesn’t just focus on the good. It highlights the dark days… Coke’s big blunder…. which might just be the biggest brand blunder of all time… New Coke. Anybody else remember this? BOOOO!!!!

Various Coke Can Designs Including New Coke
April 23, 1985 was NOT a good day for Coca Cola lovers!

Taste It

After learning about the history of the brand and seeing how it is made, it is tasting time!

World of Coca Cola Taste It Exhibit

The Taste It area offers visitors the opportunity to sample sodas made by the Coca-Cola Company from all over the globe.

Dispenser for Lain America Coca Cola Company Brands

Some are quite tasty.

Other Coca Cola Company Products
Melon Frosty and Delaware Punch were tasty!

Others are NOT!

Beverly Brand Beverage
Beverly from Italy…. NO!

After tasting the others, one can indulge in the real deal!

Coca Cola Dispenser
There’s nothing like the real thing!


I would suggest allowing at least 2 hours to experience this attraction. There is a lot to see here, and it takes time to take it all in!

Display of Coke Formula History

Be sure to check their hours and plan accordingly. During my visit, they closed early (5pm).


You can purchase tickets to the World of Coca Cola when you arrive or online.

Coke Machines from the Past

However, IF you are visiting multiple attractions, check out the Atlanta City Pass. Unfortunately, my time constraints didn’t allow me to take advantage of these savings on this trip. But, I’ve used them in other cites, and it is a GREAT value if your to-do list matches up!

The World of Coca Cola is a must-see for any true Coke fan! Even if you don’t love this soda as much as I do, it’s still a great story. And, chances are you’ll leave with a new appreciation of an old classic!

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