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Cabana Bay Beach Resort Refillable Mugs

Cabana Bay Beach Resort is one of Universal Orlando’s moderately priced resort hotels. This retro-beach themed resort is a super fun place to stay. And as you might expect, this awesome theme can be found on the Cabana Bay refillable mug!

Retro Art with People at the Beach at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

The resort’s main dining area is the Bayliner Diner – A food court style eating area with lots of choices.

One choice you’ll need to make when you arrive is whether or not to purchase a Cabana Bay refillable mug.

Dining room with tables and chairs at Bayliner Diner at Universal Orlando

I’m a big fan of the resort refillable mugs. Why? Fun mugs make great souvenirs! Who doesn’t love sipping coffee and reliving awesome vacation memories?!

Refillable Mug at Cabana Bay

The Cabana Bay refillable mug program is different (better) than the refillable mugs in the Universal theme parks. This resort refillable mug truly offers unlimited refills.

We paid one price upfront for unlimited refills throughout our stay. This is in contrast to the theme park mugs for which an additional fee is required each day to reactivate the mug.

Refillable Mug at Cabana Bay

As of November 2021, the Cabana Bay refillable mugs were $18.49 per mug for the length of stay. For 3 days, the price was $15.99 and for 1 day $9.99.

Drink Refill Station at Cabana Bay

The Cabana Bay refillable mug includes lots of drink options. Of course, the Coca-Cola freestyle machine has seemingly unlimited choices. But, you could get tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even ICEEs!

We used our Cabana Bay refillable mugs multiple times a day throughout our week long visit. So, in terms of value, it was well worth it!

For me, the decision to buy a refillable mug is about more than just math. I’m still enjoying my memories of Cabana Bay Beach Resort right here at home.

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Updated May 2022.

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