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Tip & Tee: Voyageurs Visitor Center

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Voyageurs National Park has 3 Visitor Centers: Rainy Lake, Ash River, and Kabetogama. On our recent trip, we visited all three. Each of the park’s visitor centers are accessible by land or lake. The main visitor center is located near International Falls on Rainy Lake.

As with most national park visitor centers, you’ll find the the park movie, educational displays, and a gift shop in all three.

Voyageurs National Park Movie Screen at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center

Voyageurs Visitor Center Trip Tip

Be sure to make a stop at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center. This is the largest visitor center for the park and is open year round.

Entrance to the Rainy Lake Visitor Center in Voyageurs National Park

While at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center, you’ll want to check out the exhibit area! It pays tribute to the Voyageurs, the park’s namesake.

Exhibit area in the Rainy Lake Visitor Center in Voyageurs National Park

The Voyageurs were French Canadian fur traders who paddled endless miles in canoes to transport their valuable cargo, beaver pelts. Eventually, these furs made it back to Europe to satisfy demand for felt.

Exhibit with a beaver and leaves in the Rainy Lake Visitor Center

The Voyageurs developed their own style and culture. They were known for singing as they paddled not only for entertainment but also to synchronize paddling.

Exhibit showing a voyageur and a canoe.

Voyageurs typically wore colorful sashes. They were functional as well as colorful with pouches to store personal items.

Sash style belt worn by the Voyageurs

Be sure to chat with park staff about what to see and do while in Voyageurs National Park.

Finger Pointing to Voyageurs National Park Map

At the Rainy Lake Visitor Center, you’ll also find hiking trails, picnic tables, and a boat launch. In addition, ranger guided boat tours are also available. So, be sure to allow time to enjoy what this national park visitor center has to offer!

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If you are traveling to Voyageurs National Park, be sure to pick up a good paper map! We Here is an affiliate link to the National Geographic map we used. Not surprisingly, there were several locations in the park where we had no cell signal!

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