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Tip & Tee: Relaxing in Voyageurs National Park

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Voyageurs National Park’s most notable feature is water. Voyageurs is made up of 4 large lakes (Kabetogama Rainy, Namakan, and Sand Point) and 26 smaller ones.

Trees on land in front of the lake

These waterways were the highways for french fur traders, Voyageurs, in 1700 and 1800’s. Today, however, these lakes serve a much more enjoyable purpose.

Voyageurs National Park Trip Tip

Voyageurs National is a great place to enjoy a warm summer day. And, it is no surprise that it is best explored by boat.

Boat docked at an island

But, in the midst of all this water, there are more than 500 islands to explore.

island with trees in a lake in Voyageurs National Park

We came across this little island in Namakan Lake and decided to pull over and savor some downtime.

So, be sure to pack a picnic and a hammock. Then, take a break from the water fun and enjoy lunch and a relaxing nap!

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