Liberty Bell Center

One of Philadelphia’s most well-known symbols is the Liberty Bell. Visitors can get an up-close look at this icon in the Liberty Bell Center.

The Liberty Bell visible through the window of the Liberty Bell Center with the reflection of Independence Hall.

The Liberty Bell Center includes exhibits chronicling the history of the Liberty Bell and what it has stood for through the years.

Signs with a timeline of the Liberty Bell in the Liberty Bell Center.

John Pass and John Stowe cast this bronze bell in Philadelphia in 1753. The Liberty Bell was initially named the State House Bell because it hung in the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall).

Inside of the Liberty Bell Center exhibit area.

No one knows when the bell first cracked. However, efforts to repair the bell by widening the crack (an effort to prevent further cracking) failed, and the bell eventually cracked again. The Liberty Bell was replaced in 1876 by the Centennial Bell, which still rings today.

Close up picture of the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell Center – Know Before You Go

The Liberty Bell Center is part of Independence National Historical Park. It is across the street from the bell’s original home in Independence Hall.

Sign on the sidewalk pointing towards the Liberty Bell Center.

The center is open daily from 9 am until 5 pm. (Hours may vary so check with the National Park Service before you go.) You do not have to pay a fee to see the Liberty Bell, but you will have to go through security.

Sign showing the entrance to the Liberty Bell Center in front of Independence Hall

The Liberty Bell began its journey in the bell tower of the Pennsylvania State House. Since then, it has traveled across the country and continues to serve as a symbol of freedom to many. Today, the Liberty Bell is right where it should be – by Independence Hall and accessible for all to see.

Close up picture of the Liberty Bell

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