Federal Donuts in Philadelphia

It’s always a good idea to check out a local donut shop on vacation. In planning for our trip to the City of Brotherly Love, it didn’t take me long to find a place we had to try. Federal Donuts in Philadelphia is a local chain with several locations.

White sign with red chicken for Federal Donuts in Philadelphia

Federal Donuts in Philadelphia serves both classic and fancy donuts. The fancy donut menu changes seasonally.

We chose to visit the South Philadelphia location at 1219 S 2nd St. This Federal Donuts is a walk-up window on the corner of Manton and S. 2nd.

We found this neighborhood to be quite intriguing. This residential area had very little parking other than street parking. The curious part was that people created spots in the middle of the street! Perhaps this is common in other areas, but it was new to me.

Cars parked in the middle of the street in Philadelphia

Now back to the donuts. Since parking seemed to be a bit of a problem, my husband circled the block while I ordered at the walk-up window. The staff served us promptly.

The outside of Federal Donuts in Philadelphia

I gobbled up a smores and a blueberry donut.

A smores donut
A blueberry donut

My husband enjoyed his apple and glazed donuts.

An apple donut
A glazed donut from Federal Donuts in Philadelphia

My teenager opted for two types of chocolate, glazed and regular.

A chocolate glazed and a chocolate donut from Federal Donuts in Philadelphia

Federal Donuts in Philadelphia was a big hit with my family! The donuts were fresh and delicious. I loved the variety and unique options.

Picture of 3 donuts

Federal Donuts also serves fried chicken – which I love. However, I did not get a chance to try it on this trip. You can be sure that someday I’ll go back to Federal Donuts in Philadelphia to taste the fried chicken and, of course, eat more donuts.

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Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Philadelphia to enjoy Federal Donuts. You can order them online through Goldbelly.

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