View of the Village of Waterton in Alberta, Canada.

Tip & Tee: Border Crossing near Waterton, Alberta

When it comes to shopping on a trip, I am a total tourist! My favorite souvenirs are travel tee shirts! Over the years, I’ve amassed quite a collection. In Tip & Tee, I share some of my treasures and a Trip Tip for that destination!

This tee is from the Village of Waterton in Alberta, Canada. This quaint village is a great base for exploring Waterton Lakes National Park.

Since this is the Canadian portion of the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, you may want to explore both Waterton Lakes and Glacier National Park on the same trip. If you’re crossing the US-Canadian border driving between the 2 parks, make note of this important Trip Tip!

Waterton Trip Tip

The US-Canadian Border Crossing has specific hours of operation! Be sure to check those hours during the season of your trip, so you don’t arrive when the border is CLOSED!

Travel Tee from Waterton in Alberta, Canada


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