Redwood National Park Stout Grove

Redwoods Must-See

The Redwoods are a bit unusual in that the park is actually a combination of both state and federal lands which are managed jointly. When I first started planning our trip to the Redwoods, I found this structure along with the layout of these areas to be a little confusing.

Redwoods Must See Stout Grove

If it is your first trip, one thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t like visiting a traditional national park such as Yellowstone. The Redwoods National and State Park lands are not contiguous. Rather, they are a series of various groves throughout the region which stretches for over 60 miles.

Redwoods Must See Stout Grove Trail

My Redwoods must-see sight is the Stout Grove in the Jedediah Smith State Park area.

Redwoods Must See Stout Grove Trail

I must say it was hard to pick just one Redwoods must-see sight. It is all amazing! However, I found Stout Grove to be really enjoyable. The mix of ground cover and magnificent redwoods is particularly scenic! And, the trail made me feel as though I was just wandering through the forest rather than hiking a trail.

Redwoods Must See Stout Grove Trail

I hope you have the opportunity on your Redwoods trip to spend time in several groves throughout the region. However, if your time is limited, you won’t be sorry if you select Stout Grove as a place to wander among the giants.

Redwoods Must See Stout Grove Trail


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