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The Secret to Surviving a Road Trip

In my family, we love a good road trip! Sure, sometimes we fly, but there is no better way to see the United States of America than traversing the country in an automobile.

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A road trip, however, is not for the faint of heart.  The close quarters of a car can turn a loving family into bitter enemies (at least for the duration of the trip).  However, we have found the secret to maintain peace and even enjoy a road trip!

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The Secret to Surviving a Road Trip

Whether we’re riding in the car for 30 minutes or 30 hours, we are always listening to an audiobook. In the early days, we would use books on CD. Now, we LOVE Audible! The key is to select books that the whole family can enjoy.

Here are affiliate links to a few of our favorites:

The Harry Potter Series. Of course, Harry Potter is an engaging book series. However, this wonderful tale is brought to life by the voice talents of the narrator, Jim Dale. He is a perfect fit for the vivid characters in this series. We continue to enjoy listening to these books again and again.

The Peter and the Star Catchers Series. Another family favorite is the Peter and the Star Catchers series. It is also read by Jim Dale, my favorite narrator. This series tells the story of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and why this flying boy will never grow up.

The Alcatraz Series. The Alcatraz series is not about the prison near San Francisco. Rather, it is a humorous and quirky tale about a boy with special talents written by the imaginative Brandon Sanderson.

The Ralph S. Mouse Audio Collection. Who doesn’t love Beverly Cleary? My very favorite of her characters is Ralph S. Mouse. Kids and adults of all ages will love this furry fellow.

The 39 Clues. The 39 Clues series is about a couple of kids who play detective all over the world trying to solve a family mystery. Fair warning, you won’t be able to listen to just one of these books.

We have traveled thousands of miles to and fro across this land by car. We have found that with a supply of audiobooks, we can conquer any road trip!

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