Boats and Buildings by the Coast in Newfoundland

7 Reasons to Add Newfoundland to Your Bucket List

One day I was perusing Pinterest and came across a beautiful photo which piqued my interest. It was of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada. That’s how it all started. I immediately began to read about Newfoundland, and it didn’t take long to reach a decision. We’re going THERE!!!

Two Red Chairs Overlooking Water in Newfoundland
Gros Morne National Park

Why Newfoundland?

We had a wonderful trip in the easternmost province of Canada! Here are 7 things that I loved about Newfoundland and why you should add it to your bucket list!

  1. Spectacular Scenery. Newfoundland boasts over 14,000 miles of dramatic coastline. With this much rocky coastline, breathtaking views are are around every turn! The island is also home to the northern end of the Appalachian mountain range which adds to the dramatic landscape.

    Coastline of Newfoundland
    Long Point in Twillingate
  2. Abundant Wildlife. While moose are not a native species to Newfoundland, they have made themselves right at home. Moose are everywhere! We also had the opportunity to see caribou, black bear, seals, whales, bald eagles, arctic hare, gulls, and sheep.

    Moose by the Trees
    Newfoundland Moose
  3. Breathtaking Gros Morne National Park. There is a lot to see in Gros Morne National Park. This park is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it includes a portion of the earth’s mantle, visible evidence of plate tectonics. There are hiking trails to explore and even an inland fjord!

    Coastline of Gros Morne National Park
    View from Green Gardens Trail
  4. Gigantic Icebergs. Newfoundland lies in what is known as ‘Iceberg Alley’. Each year icebergs from the glaciers of western Greenland break off and float by the coast of Newfoundland. These 10,000 year old chunks of ice are truly a sight to behold!

    Iceberg in the Ocean
    Iceberg Near Twillingate
  5. Delicious Seafood. Fishing is one of Newfoundland’s most important industries. As such, it is a great place to enjoy a variety of fish/seafood including lobster, crab, salmon, cod, halibut, and shrimp. We loved visiting local seafood markets and getting the freshest catch for dinner!

    Three Cooked Lobsters
    Fresh Lobster from Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland
  6. Rich History. Newfoundland is home to the easternmost point in North America (Cape Spear). Thus, it lies at a geographical crossroads between Europe and North America. The capitol city of St. John’s is one of the first European settlements in North America.

    Cape Spear with Lighthouse
    Cape Spear
  7. Welcoming People. I found the Newfoundlanders to be friendly, welcoming, and happy to show off this beautiful island! I felt comfortable and right at home in Newfoundland even though I live thousands of miles away!

    Man Driving Boat
    Captain Dave of Captain Dave’s Boat Tours

Our vacation in Newfoundland was simply amazing! It exceeded all of our expectations, and I can’t wait to return. I would highly recommend that you add Newfoundland to the TOP of your bucket list!

Check out our 2 week Newfoundland itinerary!

Planning a trip to Newfoundland? Be sure to get a paper map! Some areas between towns lack cell service. Here is an affiliate link to the map we used:

4 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Add Newfoundland to Your Bucket List”

  1. Yes, it does appear to be quite beautiful. But, I would not want to visit during winter or early spring. The summer or early autumn would be nice.

  2. We finally got see Newfoundland last season for the first time, living on the west coast of Canada. It was absolutely beautiful! We can’t wait to return and spend an entire vacation traveling throughout the Province. Newfoundland/Labrador is a “Must See” Destination! 🙂

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