Running Eagle Falls

Awesome Easy Glacier Hike: Running Eagle Falls

Glacier National Park is located in northern Montana adjacent to the Canadian border. It covers roughly 1 million acres. So, there are loads of amazing hikes! One of those is the Running Eagle Falls trail. Running Eagle Falls is an awesome and easy hike in this mountainous national park.

Running Eagle Falls in an out and back trail which is located in the Two Medicine Lake area of Glacier. And, while it doesn’t take long to hike the trail, you might want to allow some extra time to enjoy what this trail has to offer.

Glacier Running Eagle Falls Trail Sign

The Two Medicine Lake area of Glacier National Park sees far fewer visitors than other areas of the park such as Logan Pass and Lake McDonald. But, don’t be fooled, Two Medicine is no less spectacular than those other areas. In fact, less traffic makes this area of Glacier a great place to hike!

Glacier Running Eagle Falls Trail

Running Eagle Falls is a short easy hike. This trail is only .3 miles each way and is fairly level. It is considered to be a handicap accessible trail by the park service.

Running Eagle Falls Awesomeness

Why is Running Eagle Falls an easy but awesome trail? The payoff at the end of this trail is a view of a very unique waterfall. It is actually two waterfalls in one! Running Eagle Falls in Glacier National Park

During the early summer, one waterfall flows over the top of the rock while another emerges through a tunnel and comes out of the rock. Sometimes the top waterfall actually obscures the view of the lower waterfall!

Running Eagle Falls in Glacier National Park

Fortunately, our trip was in late summer. So, we had a great view of the hidden (sometimes referred to as ‘trick’) waterfall.

Running Eagle Falls is one of those great places to just chill. Marvel at its uniqueness. Skip rocks. Have a picnic. So, take your time, and savor this awesome and easy Glacier hike!

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