Cascade Falls on Orcas Island in the woods with trees and greenery around the falls.

Fantastic Cascade Falls on Orcas Island

At 40 feet, Cascade Falls Orcas Island is the tallest waterfall in the San Juan Islands. This stunning waterfall is in Moran State Park, on the island’s east side.

Cascade Falls Orcas Island flowing into a creek in the woods with trees and ferns
Cascade Falls Orcas Island

Moran State Park is 6 miles south of Eastsound.

Moran State Park is home to incredible freshwater lakes, unbeatable views, and spectacular waterfalls. On this hike, you can see not only Cascade Falls but also check out 3 other nearby falls along Cascade Creek.

Sign that says Rustic Falls, Cascade Falls, Cavern Falls, Hidden Falls
Olga, Washington 98279

Cascade Falls Orcas Island

There are several options for reaching Cascade Falls Orcas Island. We parked in a small pull-off parking area by the south entry arch on Olga Road.

Concrete Sign Covered in Moss with the text Moran State Park

We hiked Cascade Creek trail for .2 miles and reached Cascade Falls. The trail has 2 options: a wider portion for bikes or horses and a hikers-only portion that runs along the creek.

Trail with steps and horse trail in Moran State Park near Cascade Falls
Trail Options

This waterfall has 2 viewing areas. The upper viewing area has a fence along the ridge. However, the best view of Cascade Falls Orcas Island is below the falls.

Overlook with a wooden fence with Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls

Rustic Falls

A short distance (.1 miles north) from Cascade is Rustic Falls. Rustic Falls is the smallest of the 4 waterfalls, with a drop of only 10 feet.

Waterfall with ferns and rocks on Orcas Island
Rustic Falls

Cavern Falls

A quick .2 miles from Rustic Falls is Cavern Falls. Of the 4 waterfalls along this trail, Cavern Falls is the 2nd tallest waterfall. It plunges around 20 feet.

Waterfall and rocks surrounded by greenery in Moran State Park
Cavern Falls

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls is a bit off the beaten path, as its name implies. To get a glimpse, take a left before the wooden bridge, walk through the trees, and look up.

Small waterfall hidden in the trees near Cascade Falls Orcas Island
Hidden Falls

There is more to see on this hike than just waterfalls. Look down and watch your step. We saw several pacific banana slugs along the path.

Close up view of a banana slug near Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a must-see when visiting Orcas Island. This pleasant walk is only 1.5 miles and is one of the highlights of Moran State Park. And there aren’t too many places where hikers can see 4 waterfalls with so little effort!

Casecade Falls from the Lower Viewpoint
Cascade Falls

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