Brooks Lodge Dining Hall

Brooks Camp (including Brooks Lodge) is in the Katmai National Park. It is in a remote area of Alaska that can only be accessed by boat or floatplane. As such, services are limited. Visitors must bring their own food or eat in the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall.

Brooks Lodge Dining Hall front porch. Wooden building with a green porch floor.
Brooks Lodge Dining Hall

If you bring your own food, it must be stored and consumed in designated areas.

In addition, eating in your room is not allowed, nor is having open beverages other than water while walking around. (I was stopped once carrying an unopened Coke can.)  

We opted to eat all of our meals in the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall.

Inside of the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall with wooden tables and bench seating.
Seating is family style.

We stayed 2 nights at Brooks Lodge and were there for 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch (the other lunch was provided on the Valley of 10,000 Smokes Tour, and 2 dinners.

Plate with pork tenderloin, brocolini, and salmon with a salad near the plate.
Salmon and Pork at Dinner

In the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall, meals are served buffet style. They only serve food at certain times of the day.

Buffet area at the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall.
The Buffet Area

Although coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate are available throughout the day.

Counter with coffee pots and mugs.
Coffee and Tea is Available Throughout the Day

Guests have 2 options: The full meal or the mini-meal.

White board with dinner menu at Brooks Lodge Dining Hall
Menu Board for Breakfast

For each meal, the menu is listed on a whiteboard.

Lunch Menu

Guests pay before entering the buffet area and indicate whether they prefer the full meal or mini-meal. Lodge guests can charge it to the room.

View of the buffet and seating area in Brooks Lodge Dining Hall

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all hearty and tasty. We didn’t snack or eat between meals. It is just not convenient or necessary!

Breakfast in the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall

We had breakfast twice at the lodge. The buffet included bread, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt.

Pastries on a buffet
Pastries of the Breakfast Buffet

They served breakfast meats, eggs, and biscuits with gravy each day. There was also another hot item. One day was bacon, egg, and cheese croissants; the other was quiche.

Breakfast sandwich with potatoes and bacon
Breakfast Sandwich


Our lunch at the lodge was BBQ. Chicken and pork ribs were served with mac and cheese, beans, and veggies. Soup, salad, and dessert were also included.

Plate with BBQ ribs, mac and cheese, bbq chicken, and potato salad.
Lunch in Brooks Lodge Dining Hall


Dinner included salmon on both nights, along with another meat. On our first night, the other option was pork loin.

Buffet pan with pork tenderloin.
Pork Tenderloin

Night two was beef.

Plate with beef, brocolini, salmon, and roll from the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall
Beef and Salmon for Dinner

The dinner buffet had 2 vegetables.

Buffet with pan of brocolini and 2 containers of soup.

There was also a salad bar and 2 choices of soup.

Salad bar at the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall

And no need to skip dessert!

Blueberry pudding in the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall

Visitors flock to the Brooks River each summer to watch brown bears devour the salmon. Fortunately, the bears aren’t the only ones who eat well. You, too, can enjoy a delicious and filling meal in the Brooks Lodge Dining Hall.

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