Lake Powell

7 Awesome Things to do at Lake Powell Without Getting Wet!

Lake Powell near Page, AZ is a lake lovers paradise. In the summer, visitors flock to Lake Powell to play in these magnificent blue waters!

Lake Powell

One of the major access points to Lake Powell is near the town of Page, Arizona. The lake itself crosses the Arizona/Utah border. This man-made lake was born when Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1966.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy the awesomeness which is Lake Powell. In fact, I’d argue that when the temperature is more moderate, this region is even more fun!

Lake Powell

There is much to do here on the Arizona/Utah border that doesn’t involve getting wet! Here are 7 things to do that don’t require a swimsuit:

  1. Rent a Boat on Lake Powell. One look at an aerial photo of Lake Powell and it is easy to see why boating is the preferred method of travel! Exploring these waterways provides views that you can’t experience any other way. Whether you rent a houseboat for the week or a speed boat for the day, you’re sure to be wow’d by what you see! Tip: If you boat on Lake Powell, I highly recommend picking up this map since cell signal is really sketchy: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Utah / Arizona, USA  Lake PowellLake Powell Trip-10
  2. Hike Toadstool Trail. About 25 miles west of Lake Powell’s Wahweap Marina is the short and family friendly Toadstools Trail. Just don’t let the ease of accessibility fool you into thinking that this is a run of the mill hike. These spectacular rock formations are anything but ordinary! Check out Toadstools: Southern Utah Trail
  3. Lake Powell Trip-22Lake Powell Trip-23Lake Powell Trip-24
  4. Explore Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is iconic. You’ve probably seen pictures of this narrow slot canyon with its textured rock walls. This might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! The best part? You don’t have to be an expert at canyoneering to experience this special place! It is easy to access from the town of Page! Check out You CAN Tour Antelope Canyon! and Upper Antelope Canyon or Lower Antelope Canyon?Lake Powell Trip-2Lake Powell TripAntelope Canyon
  5. Tour Glen Canyon Dam. While there might be a lot of controversy about whether Glen Canyon Dam should exist, this dam is still an engineering marvel. And, it is a great place to learn about the dam and how it affected the area. Did I mention there is a really great tour available? Check out The Glen Canyon Dam TourGlen Canyon Dam
  6. Gaze at Horseshoe Bend. There is more than one iconic view in this region, and Horseshoe Bend is another vista you’ll likely recognize. Horseshoe Bend is about 5 miles south of Page and a short hike from Highway 89. Check out Horseshoe Bend in Arizona: 5 Things to Know BEFORE You GoHorseshoe Bend
  7. Hike Buckskin Gulch/Wire Pass. Whether your looking for a day hike or a multi day backpacking adventure, the Buckskin Gulch Trail system offers several options to suit your fancy and stamina. This area offers spectacular rock formations, petroglyphs, and slot canyons. And, you never know what other surprises might be around the next turn!Lake Powell Trip-18Lake Powell Trip-19Lake Powell Trip-20

    A cow in a slot canyon.
    We didn’t expect to see a COW!!!
  8. Enjoy the Colorado River. Take the scenic drive from Page to Lee’s Ferry to gain a whole new perspective on this area. Here you can enjoy fishing, rafting, hiking or just a nice riverside picnic.Colorado River

I loved Lake Powell and the area surrounding Page, Arizona! It far exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high! It’s a great place to spend a week…or better yet, two! No swimsuit required.

For more information, check out Lake Powell Houseboat Adventure: 10 Lessons LearnedFun Fact: Lake Powell Bathtub Ring, and Tip & Tee:  Lake Powell Time.

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